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Smart whales :)

Animals are so smart :) What can do a baby whal to find its parents? Read this article and you find out :)


Christmas, Christmas and after Christmas, but I hadn’t access to the Internet, so send it now. Taken in GIMP.

For those interested in – soon ‘will post a list of tutorials, which I used.


I like to test software, because – I want to do some things faster, better and just – like try new things.

Once I was looking for some program to making screenshots. My siblings sent me free software (ZapGrab – quite good&quick), but I found something too on my own. It was trial version of Ashampoo Snap 5.

And I was pretty surprised. This program made not only screenshots. Firstly I could choose if I want to capture the entire screen, the selected piece, website, video or maybe record what I’m doing on computer etc. After making “a snap” I could work on it – add some text, lines, shapes… all in interesting to me colours. Besides I could decide about some effects like shadow or transparency. I attached pictures, so you can see menu of this program.

For now I’ve found only two defects. Still I have problems to do a snapshot of website. Maybe it’s depends on its content – photos are not welcome – if they are process of capture is interrupted. And second one: the shortcut “ctr+c” doesn’t work. If you forget about this, you will lose all changes which you’ve already done – the edit window will shut down.
However – maybe those problems have been resolved and they do not exist in new version of this program?

What happened after time for testing trial version? In automatic message I got a very good price. It was something like 5 eur or 8 usd. So I decided to buy it. I’m using it still and I can recommend it.



Sarah McLachlan – Angel

One of the most beautiful songs…

Probably this curious mystery was solved.

A group of scientists put young people through a “battery of test”.

What kind of test and about their result, you can read on the National Geographic site.

This time I want to share with you one of my “discoveries”.

I needed some simple software, which will allow me to do back-up of some files or folders.
I was looking for something, which will not slow down computer work and the current work on ‘backed-up’ file/-s (for some time I used to this purpose DropBox, but opening and saving such kind of files – almost – drove me crazy).

And I found – IDrive! At start you are getting 5 GB free cloud storage space. All you have to do is to install a small program, select files and/or folders for which you want to make back-up – and – it’s starting to make your’s files safe! Every time when you’re making some changes with files, this soft automatically makes new back-up. What’s more – after log in to your account on it’s website, you can see history of changes and download older version of your file/-s. Of course if you need, you can log in from other computers onto your’s account and get your files. Isn’t that great? ;)

Now something about the storage space. As I wrote – at first you’re getting 5 GB. But, if you will recommend others this soft via link  – you and this person will get 1 GB. In this way you can get up to 50 GB. Thus – if you are interesting in and want to start using IDrive BackUp with bigger storage space, you can click here: ;)


Ps. This company created a new software – IDriveSync, which is very similar to DropBox – you can drag-and-drop to folder IDriveSync;) files/folders  which you want to share with your friends. Now at start, after signing in you are getting for free 10 GB cloud storage space. I’m wondering, if – like DropBox – we will have here in the future some ways to get more free space. It would be nice ;) More about it you can read on their blog.

Now it’s time for my another review of book. Its title is “Emotional Intelligence“.

In my conutry this book has been sold as a “guide”. When you are looking for a “guide-book”, what you’re looking for? I was looking for some advice.

I wanted to know what the “emotional intelligence” is, how it is “formed” (what has influence on it, when parents should “take under control” such kind of development their child to make it a good person and who will cope with life). But as I don’t think – I don’t have problems with an empathy and with “beeing a normal-sentient person”, I thought I’ll learn more about emotions. How to “recognize”/name them. Because this is an emotional intelligence. And when you are able to name what you are feeling, you have greater chance to keep your emotion and instead of f.e. overreacting – behave normal.
F. e. “why I’m starting to overreact? He/she didn’t do anything, for what I could be so angry. I had a bad day, but it’s not his/her fault”. It helps to not go mad. Like in situation, when you are waiting in the queue and after time you think you will “explode” (especially when you’re in a hurry). Try then to think – “no one knows about it, and probably not only I am in a hurry”. Many situations are independent from you and you can do nothing. So why to going mad and spoil your good mood? It’s something like “awareness” of what and why you feel like this in that moment and what can feel others i.a. in response to your words or “deeds”. Thus – when you stop and realize this all in a right moment, probably you will don’t hurt anyone.

That’s what I wanted to know more. And I didn’t. From that reson I will not recommend it as a guide.

But if you are looking for something what will show you what is the “emotional intelligence”, how it is “forming” and what “can happen” if you or your child has problem with this – you can read it. What you have to know is that a first half is quite interesting and wrote in a good way-for-reading. But the other half – in my opinion – read worse and it’s more about experiments which were done.

In summary – I “perceive” it rather as a book more for psychologists or sociologists than for people interested in a self-development.

Foster The People

Today I have listened to their album called “Torches“. I know, it came to light closely one year ago, but I don’t have much time for listen to the music.
Going back to the album – I have to admit, that in my opinion is very successful. Truly – only one song I didn’t like so much. But whole album I added to my playlist and I will back to it often.

And now something “fresh” (?). Have you listen Ruby ? It’s very calm and pleasant. Maybe it’s to their new album? Will see.

Yesterday I saw calendar of evolution of Mercedes-Benz from 2009. Pictures were so good, with excellent saturation and… in a incredible interior! It was Natural History Museum in London. I’m impressed of it’s architecture.
I’ve found some photos – you can watch them here: 1, 2, 3, 4.

By the way I’ve found 2 photo-‘blogs’ with nice views and especially immortalized the wonderful interior architecture (in majority – ceilings, stairs).


This time I started to learn Inkscape. It’s an open source vector graphics editor. More about Inkscape and a download link you will find on Inkscape website.

I think it’s very friendly for user, but – if you are a beginner, then I think – maybe you will need some lessons at start and for it I recommend this video-tutorial. It’s explain everything and you can make something funny, like I did (I hope ;) ).

Have fun!